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By Angelina Villalobos

Digital mural on vinyl


For this piece, Angelina wanted to tell that story of growth, not just personally, but the spirit of exploration for all of us. For inspiration, she spent time in The Museum of Flight and found herself sitting on the contemplative bench of Amelia Earhart – a pioneering aviator who embodied that same spirit of adventure and daring. As Angelina gazed out the large window in front of her, she realized how honored she was to be surrounded by decades of human history, exploring not just our world, but the worlds beyond us. And then she had a truly enlightened epiphany  – Angelina was here to create something of her own, an original piece of art that would inspire visitors. And that filled her with joy.

And so she began to create. Starting with simple paper airplanes, Angelina let her imagination take flight until she found herself soaring through space, among the stars and galaxies she had always dreamed of. The colors were bright and bold, like fireworks bursting in the sky. And as she worked, she thought of Amelia’s quote: “Everyone has oceans to fly, if they have the heart to do it. Is it reckless? Maybe. But what do dreams know of boundaries?”

For Angelina, this piece is a tribute to the power of dreaming big and believing in ourselves. As an artist, Angelina has always lived her life in pursuit of her dreams, and this piece is a reminder that those dreams can become a reality with enough courage and determination. So let us all take flight like paper airplanes, and who knows where our dreams may take us.

Courtesy of Angelina Villalobos