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The Island Weights

By: Sky Hopinka

HD video, 16mm film scans, stereo, 2-channel, synchronous loop
Run time 10 minutes


Interpreting flight as a physical and metaphorical journey The Island Weights is a 2-channel film centered on the narrative of the “Island Weights”—one of the Ho-Chunk creation stories about four individual water spirits sent to the cardinal points of the Earth to keep it from spinning out chaotically.

Broken into five parts—wijirawaséwe (the Island Weights), yoiréreginarere (the west one), rek’úhuhíra (the south one), hą́boguominàgara (the eastern one), and siniwagúreginągere (the north one)—the film accompanies an individual narrating their journey along these boundaries of Ho-Chunk homelands in search of the worn and weary Weights.


On display June 10 through September 4, 2023.