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By Nina Vichayapai

Painted and hand-sewn fabric with native wildflower seed paper

The sculpture is located in the T.A. Wilson Great Gallery.

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In this piece, Vichayapai explores the intersection between humans, the environment, survival, and innovation.

“Inspired by the concept of cloud seeding in which humans use planes to ‘seed’ chemicals into clouds over drought-stricken areas to produce rain, the cloud sculptures above are similarly seeded with paper containing native wildflower seeds,” the artist says. “The papers have been decorated with wishes for the Earth contributed by people during several events.

To be collected and buried later, these papers will grow into wildflowers critical in supporting our local ecosystem.” Plants have always had a place along our side as we ventured across unknown lands. As we set our sights to the Moon, Mars, and beyond, plants will certainly be key in our success.

Courtesy of Nina Vichayapai