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Jhun Carpio

Jhun Carpio is a scale model artist who has been creating models since he moved from the Philippines to Seattle in 1983. Inspired by memories of boxes handcrafted from toothpicks and sold as souvenirs that he saw as a child, Carpio uses wooden stirrers, matchsticks, and toothpicks to create highly detailed models. He believes in finding the potential in things others think as insignificant after use.

His piece Artemis SLS Rocket is part of the Juried Group Show in the Red Barn.

a collective of different artworks presented on a gallery wall.


Featuring flight-inspired works from 23 artists. Explore surprising expressions in glass sculptures, experimental textiles, prints, photographs, paintings, and multimedia creations.


On his process, Carpio says “each artwork is handcrafted from hundreds to thousands of wooden stirrers and matchstick blanks. [Each is] glued and trimmed one stick at a time without the use of power tools. Each takes hundreds of hours.” Over the years, Carpio has also incorporated 3D printing, laser engraving, and micro-LED lighting to bring more depth to his work.

Carpio received the Stephen Tontoni Curator’s Choice Award during the Northwest Scale Model Mania Show at The Museum of Flight in 2023.

His artworks were also featured on KING5 Evening Magazine, a Seattle local TV show in July 2022.

Every October, his works are on display at Seattle Public School SW Branch for the West Seattle Art Showcase.

Carpio’s goal is to teach young kids about his artwork and encourage them to pursue their artistic talents. Little things can make a big difference “one stick at a time”.

Courtesy of Jhun Carpio