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Gregory Blackstock

Gregory Blackstock (1943-2023) was a Seattle-based artist who specialized in hand-drawn art cataloguing the world around him. His uncanny depictions are drawn with incredible precision and a vivid use of color. Straight lines, musical notes, and text are all executed freehand.

His piece The Early Boeing Jetplanes 1947-1967 is part of the Juried Group Show in the Red Barn.

a collective of different artworks presented on a gallery wall.


Featuring flight-inspired works from 23 artists. Explore surprising expressions in glass sculptures, experimental textiles, prints, photographs, paintings, and multimedia creations.


Blackstock was autistic and creating art provided him a deeply satisfying way of making sense of an unpredictable world.

For Blackstock, the world is made up of things which need to be identified, ordered, and arranged—be they bugs, birds, vehicles, or landmarks. While nothing was either too exotic or too banal to capture his attention, Blackstock particularly liked to depict things that are dangerous, irritating, or loud, such as jet airliners.

Blackstock passed away in early 2023.

Courtesy of Antoine Leblond