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Esmeralda Vasquez

Esmeralda Vasquez is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist, teaching artist, and muralist currently based out of the Seattle area.

A person stands atop a ladder panting a large butterfly on a wall


Vasquez’s inspiration for choosing these icons comes from flight and more importantly, the feeling of freedom. The feeling that comes with flight and the environmental connection to it.


Esmeralda’s experience as a Latinx / LGBTQ+ artist from the Yakima Valley has expanded her view of the world and inspired her drive to connect with people from diverse backgrounds. Her passion for raising awareness among a variety of social topics shows through in her work and has led her on a growing path of creative projects within her community.

She has worked on multiple collaborations with local non-profits such as The Vera Project, Pro Choice Washington, and The Feels Foundation.

While her main sources of inspiration revolve around art, music, and design, much of her work focuses on displaying themes of representation, symbolism, and color theory.