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Anne Acker-Mathieu

Anne Acker-Mathieu is a mixed-media artist who has spent most of her career and life in the Seattle area. Acker-Mathieu draws inspiration from her own personal experiences. She employs a mixed-media approach to her art that blends painting and collage to yield works that are explosively colorful, movement-oriented, and emotionally thoughtful.

Her piece Jet Streams is part of the Juried Group Show in the Red Barn.

a collective of different artworks presented on a gallery wall.


Featuring flight-inspired works from 23 artists. Explore surprising expressions in glass sculptures, experimental textiles, prints, photographs, paintings, and multimedia creations.


Acker-Matheiu describes her pieces as “a raw examination of twenty-first century issues that directly affect Americans.” Jet Streams, AckerMathieu recalls, was “a response to my memories of the FAA closing the skies to air traffic on 9/11, and how silent and clear the horizon looked in comparison to normal days. The only flights that could be heard were fighter jets from JBLM airbase.”

Anne’s work focuses on American issues that deeply concern her, as a woman, and a mother of daughters. Women’s rights and inequality feature prominently in her art. Her pieces are a raw examination of 21st Century issues that directly affect Americans. Her passion for justice is clearly present in everything she creates.

Anne currently lives in Seattle with her family and is the daughter of a Boeing aerospace engineer, who worked on the Apollo 11 Project in Huntsville, Alabama and at all three Boeing plants in the Seattle area.

Courtesy of Anne Acker-Mathieu