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Afroditi Psarra is a multidisciplinary artist and Cécile Lapoire is an experimental physicist.

Their piece Cosmic Bitcasting. A Wearable Radiation Detector is part of the Juried Group Show in the Red Barn.

a collective of different artworks presented on a gallery wall.


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Cosmic Bitcasting was a collaboration between multidisciplinary artist Afroditi Psarra and experimental physicist Cécile Lapoire to create a wearable cosmic ray detector. The project was developed in 2016 during a one-month residency at ETOPIA Center for Art and Science in Zaragoza, Spain, in the context of the exhibition REVERBERADAS. Psarra says, “the intention of the piece is to engage the public to experience the invisible cosmic radiation landscape and to create an archive of cosmic data that could contribute to the further research of the phenomenon of cosmic rays.”

Cosmic Bitcasting emerges from the idea of connecting the human body with the cosmos by creating a wearable with embedded actuators (light, sound, and vibration) that will provide sensory information about the invisible cosmic radiation that surrounds us.

Courtesy of Afroditi Psarra & Cécile Lapoire